Friday, July 15, 2005

The day coming

Well it is Friday and my custody hearing is Monday. I am a little worried! I am told by everybody that i shouldn't be, but am. I just want the best for me and my son and I know that we will be the best with someone like my sweetheart. BY the way her link to her blog is to the right. Dawson is just doing so much better now. I hope to keep the supervised visitation going, cause his mom needs some serious help. I fear to leave him with her, but we'll see what the courts say, they are always right you know!

Friday, July 08, 2005

How do they give up so easy

My ex called yesterday after she was served the papers. It wasn't like I expected. She told me she wanted a civil standby to say goodbye to Dawson for the last time and I said no! I dont want Dawson to go through any more pain than he has to. She said she would not appear in court and not even attempt to fight me. She said she wanted to say goodbye for the last time. I got furious and told her she needs to start thinking of others instead of just herself. I was doing this mostly so she could straighten up and get her life together and be a good mom. I guess she is moving far away and just writing him off. Well at least I know he will always be taken good care of now.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

It is good to be good

Well at 10:00 am my lawyer called me and told me the judge granted me full custody, Oh God thank you. But the court date is only 1 week from now. What do ya'll think if the judge thinks there is enough evidence to award temp full custody, do you think I have a shot and perm full custody?

Trying to get my son, to raise him properly!

Well I finally getting full custody of my son, Well trying- I am in California you know! I have so much shit on my ex I dont know how a judge couldn't give me full custody. I mean thing like abuse, drug use, high speed chases, and a lot of other shit like that. To top it all off she has been diagnosed with Bipolar and depression and does not take her meds, but uses mary jane instead. I just need my lawyer to call me today and tell me temp full custody has been signed. Wish me luck and I vow to help out other parents in this situation whenever I can! Kids are the most important and when they are raised by shitbag freak of parents they end up being shitbag freaks themselves. If you are a shitbag freak do not repond, I dont want to hear your shit, Ha Ha Ha

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

His Parents must have been Liberals and never punished him as a child

What the hell is going on with the kids these days, do they not know right from wrong anymore. I would have never done this kind of thing, just because I would think my Dad would take a paddle to my ass. We need the kids of this world to get back to the way of thinking that elders are the boss. Kids need to know if they do something wrong they are gonna get thier ass paddled. Now if you are a liberal freak and think kids should not be paddled they should be put in time out and talked to- please do not respond cause I dont want to hear from your worthless asses. This 17 year old is now gonna take a time out for about 20 years and guess who is gonna pay for it. YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2005

What is America doing?

My sweetheart clued me in on the videos of the poor men being murdered by those GODDAMN muslims. So I looked more into it, saw it and am discusted with what I saw! The link for you to see this is above, just click on my title and scroll down to "Know your Enemy"
By the way this gentlemans points of view are not Republican and not Democrat he is also an independant. Why is our media synthesizing with these Muslims, when they do shit like this. Why do we have to properly hold the koran now (notice I wont even capitalize it)What the FUCK is wrong with some people in America. You GODDAMN muslim lovers, you should all be shot, or better yet be forced down by about 5 or 6 of them and get your head chopped and sawed off slowly. You fuckin freaks are destroying America. As far as you women out there, you better respect what you have here cause at least you are not forced to be circumcised at a young age. We are there to help these people, they dont have what you have and never had the chance. They will KILL you whether you are a republican, democrat, liberal, independant, or whatever else is out there.

Friday, June 10, 2005

I didn't think I would do it

I decided to do this today as hard as it was. I no longer am going to 100% back republican party! But if you are a democrat don't get exited! I decided to just become an independant. I dont have the the drive to stick completely with the right anymore, mainly because they are starting to act like the left. That is how much I hate the left and the media in general. I feel I can do a better job for my family and self if I just become an independant. I guess the main problem is the media, they are destroying this country! The only thing I can trust anymore is newstalk AM radio. So wish me luck in my new path, I may need it.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

AlQuida now in Lodi, Ca

Now are those Left wingers and left winging media finally gonna realize, we do have a problem? We have muslims living in small towns going through training to learn how to attack america from within. How many here have gone through the training and are just sitting and waiting for the go ahead?
What about the other people from the muslim church that this young man went to, did they know about this? Help fund his trip? What are there thought about this? I dont see them protesting his actions yet! America needs to get back in unison lets drop all this democrat-republican shit and just be americans!